A downloadable Food Dunking Game for Windows

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Served is a fast paced game about throwing oranges into plates and dunking meat to make the greatest of dishes.

X-Box Controllers
( the preferred method of Play)

Plug in 1-4 X-box controllers and slam like a pro with these simple controls.

(when you have to make due)

Player 1 

Action                    Key                    Xbox function
Move A and D(acts as joystick)
JumpB(acts as A button)
ShootV(acts as X button)
CancelBackspace(acts as B button)
Tutorial6(acts as Y button)
Quick StartEnter(acts as Start button)

Player 2

Action                    Key                    Xbox function
Move Left and Right
(acts as joystick)
JumpM(acts as A button)
ShootN(acts as X button)
Cancel2(acts as B button)

Player 3

Action                    Key                              Xbox Function
MoveR and T(acts as joystick)
Jumpi(acts as A button)
(the letter
not zero)
(acts as X button)
Cancel3(acts as B button)

Player 4

Action                              Key                              Xbox Function
MoveF and G(acts as joystick)
JumpK(acts as A button)
ShootL(acts as X button)
Cancel4(acts as B button)

  • 1-4 players
  • 4 different chefs to play from
  • +6 Arenas (2 in this Demo)
  • 4 modes (1 in this Demo)
  • Training Mode
  • Bumping original soundtrack

Rocco Commisso - Art/Design/Code - Website

Micheal Trentchev - Backgrounds/Platters - Website

Max Hunt - Backgrounds/Platters - Website

Rory O' Connor - Prototype/QA - Website

Nothing yet but feel free to give us some ;)


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Served_Demo.exe 42 MB

Development log


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Got a chance to try this game out at the Mississauga Comic Expo on Saturday October 20th and had to say I found it really fun. The concept is really amusing, combining a 2D platformer with basketball and beat em up elements.  The characters are great and the small touches such as the dab and salt bae really shows finer details were put into the game. 

A few suggestions I had somewhat minor were:

1. In the character select screen, have it cycle, so if you get to the last character and press right it goes to the first, likewise if you get to the first character and hit left, let it go to the last.

2. In terms of the dishes that are created it would be cool that whatever dish shows up complete would reflect the ingredients that went into creating the finished dish. Not sure how some combinations would work e.g. lettuce and donuts but hey it's a way to be creative (spinach donuts).

3. Maybe I missed it when I played on Saturday but at the top where it shows the three ingredients required to make the super dish, It seemed unclear that you don't need those specific three but instead need any combination of the three ingredients that show up (can be all the first ingredient).  Also if it is any combination of the three ingredients that show up, having a duplicate e.g. two donuts seems to take away from the imagery at the top. Essentially showing three ingredients but really showing two.

Anyways as mentioned, really great game, keep up the great work. I will be sure to follow the development.

Thanks for the feedback ShiftSquid!
I  just implemented the cycling of characters, stages and modes... 
...including a new mode...
Keep Away! 

In Keep away, the chefs try to hold the Golden Spatula. Each second you hold onto the spatula grants that player another point. First to 21 wins! Just watch out another player can smack the spatula out of your hand and start getting points for themselves! For those that like their "capture the flag" mode, considered yourself SERVED!

This feature as well as all the levels 6+ and all the game modes, will be included in the final game

...AAAAANNNND for helping out with your great feedback ShiftSquid will get an extra special treat on the games release ;)

Stay tuned


NOICE! Can't wait for the full realease! P.S i'm a Shark boy main