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Use your ill gotten candy to bargain for a chance to save your soul. Last player left wins.


4 players only.

Take turns (you will know which characters turn by the spotlight and this  icon) wagering candy  for one of four dice per round.

The Dice

VVVV vvvvvVVVVvvvvvVVVVvvvvvVVVVvvvvvVVVVvvvvvVVVVvvvvvVVVV

Each dice has a max value of the number printed on it. When all dice have been bought (and you NEED to buy one) you will roll that dice and see how much life   you lose.

If you drop past a candy ribbon, you gain that meny candies. Use them wisly.


Enter = start and restart the game

Z = Offer Candy

X = Confirm and move onto the next player


Created by Kyle Fenn and Rocco Commisso